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President’s Message

Dr. Jaffus HardrickOur culture of inclusive strategic planning has led to decades of success. A profound transformation is disruptively sweeping the higher education landscape. Every component of higher education has changed (What is delivered? How it is delivered? To whom it is delivered? And, at what cost?) and will continue to evolve and dominate global conversations. These realities have caused a revolution throughout universities across the globe. The international marketplace requires well-trained talent that can compete in a globalized economy, exude cultural competency, and demonstrate an ability to adapt to rapidly evolving technology and trends. This is certainly the case for institutions here in South Florida, and the world over. Universities that rise to this challenge will actualize unprecedented opportunities to develop a new generation of leaders, innovators, and talent for the global marketplace. These new leaders must be globally minded, socially conscious, and innovatively talented to help solve and prevent many issues that confront our world. Florida Memorial University always rises to the challenge.

For over 140 years, Florida Memorial University has assessed its environment and made adaptations to strengthen its foundation and uphold its mission and commitment to its students, faculty, staff, and community. This obligation is based on the belief that Florida Memorial University provides hope and opportunity to thousands of hard-working students and their families who depend on the university to help families increase the quality of their lives.

Florida Memorial University offers students an intense, rigorous learning experience in a supportive academic community, celebrating the intellectual energy that flows from its diverse student population. As part of their university experience, students gain the problem solving, critical-thinking, and leadership skills necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. They learn from outstanding faculty (roughly 80-percent of faculty members hold terminal degrees) who are scholars in their fields, utilize the latest evidence-based teaching practices, publish research in academic publications, and present scholarship at industry conferences. Students work shoulder-to-shoulder with faculty on meaningful research inside and outside the classroom and engage in service learning that impacts our community and our nation.

Florida Memorial’s Ascension Plan is our roadmap to turn ideas into action and achieve transformational impact. We must draw our strength from each other and give our students and community our absolute best. This plan shall guide us in honoring the past while ascending to a brighter future that will leave a legacy originally intended by our founders.

Dr. Jaffus Hardrick