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Strategic Framework

Florida Memorial University is a private urban liberal arts institution located in South Florida. The region is home to millions of individuals from around the globe. While FMU is designated as an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), the institution takes great pride in attracting and educating students from many parts of the world. It currently offers 28 undergraduate and two graduate programs and home to twelve hundred diverse students. Many of its students transition into competitive careers or graduate and professional schools.


The mission of Florida Memorial University is to instill in our students the values of leadership, character, and service to enhance their lives and the lives of others on our campus, in our community, and in the world through a transformational, liberal arts education.


Building upon the traditions of our past and harnessing the richness of the present, Florida Memorial University prepares our students, through innovation, collaboration, and creativity, to assume leadership roles in a highly competitive, technology-driven, and increasingly global marketplace.


Florida Memorial University is committed to:

  • Leadership: Cultivating the drive to initiate and sustain change for the good of our campus, our community, and the world.
  • Character: Embodying the values of fairness, transparency, compassion, respect, integrity, honesty, respect for diversity, and a commitment to equality in everything we undertake.
  • Service: Sharing our academic and human capital as social, educational, and economic resources for the betterment of our campus and our community.
  • Scholarship: Promoting excellence in teaching and learning through the identification and retention of quality faculty, staff, and students, who are all engaged in vigorous intellectual exchange as a part of high- quality and competitive educational programs.
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions, collectively as well as individually, and delivering products and services that are of high-caliber and responsive to the needs of our community members.

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