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Strategic Planning Process​

Strategic Planning Process

What is The Strategic Plan

It is a living document providing guidance over the next few years on how to strengthen our service to our students and in-turn, chart a course to a more sustainable future

Who Authored It

The Strategic Planning Committee, inclusive of a highly engaged cross-section of the entire Florida Memorial University community, came together in this collaborative effort to articulate a forward-thinking plan representative of all institutional constituents

How is it Organized

A series of strategies, objectives, and metrics across five (5) key strategic pillars have been identified to turn our ideas into action in a way that leads to transformative impact

How Will It Be Implemented

Cross-functional teams responsible for strategy tracking and goal attainment will be established, ensuring each department is engaged and creating department-level strategic plans that contribute to the broader Ascension Plan’s objectives

Why Now

A profound transformation is disruptively sweeping the higher education landscape with every component (what is delivered? how it is delivered? to whom it is delivered? and, at what cost?) dominating global conversation and concern. FMU must strengthen its foundation and adapt to new demands to meet the needs of those we serve. We again, must rise to the challenge.